01 NovYou have to love your job

I have heard people say time and time again, that a huge percentage of people in the job industry do not love the jobs they do. How does this come to happen? Well, every country with an active and booming economy will always be complemented by a competitive workforce. The competition comes in different fields of profession where the chosen few, who are so good at their craft, always get to land the opportunities presented. I would also look at it from a different perspective: millions of people do not love their work, they tolerate it. Some of the wealthiest figures in history be it in art or business have led high lives that were supported by what they loved doing.

These few individuals are passionate about their jobs and it gives them the motivation to work even harder. Does this then mean that the rest of us have to live in frustration, always whining and ranting about our jobs? Where is the motivation then? One of the best steps in life is to find fulfillment in whatever it is you do. The quest to find a satisfying job is just as hard and nobody will give it to you just like that. It starts with you. When you love what you do, it increases you both psychologically and financially.

As an employee, there is the job and how you do it. The job may be less complicated than how you approach it. This then is direct indication that, you should work on your attitude and see how this new approach affects your performance in future. A change in attitude is a great step because it saves you a lot of trouble. I did it and so whenever I hear people whining about their jobs or their obnoxious boss, I want to tell them off by just a few words: suck it up.

Loving your job is a step by step process. First of all, focus on what you like about your work: this will give you the strength to tackle the tough parts in every undertaking. When you look at what it is you draw inspiration from and how you can keep growing yourself, which is a step towards the right direction. It is on you to make the most of your career.

Secondly, never let your job title limit your endeavors. Many young people dwell on the misconception that they have to be miserable because they don’t have a fancy job. What if you had a fancy job whose financial returns were so low and so demanding? It is advisable to be creative, challenge yourself to pursue new opportunities, step up when the opportunities present themselves and think beyond your pay cheque. Being aggressive has landed people in places they never expected to be in their careers.

How about, sharpening your craft? Be able to invest in your skills. When you are good at what you do, opportunities come after you. Perfection and excellent work ethic makes you a very suitable person to work with. Remember, skills are why people get hired and why they get promoted also. Whether it is, writing, marketing, coding, design, data analysis, makes life easy because you are your own boss in times of execution.

Then consider to know what your other passions are besides your job. Do these two complement one another? Do you love to learn? Are your relationships emotionally supportive? Are you fervent about cooking, cars, sporting? All this is all about soul searching to know the things that turn you on in life. These little things that light you up could be the same that make you be productive in what you do. Set time for these things and do them if they make you happy.

But then again, understand that I am not encouraging you to stay in a job that makes you miserable. Go find your joys elsewhere and invest all your energies in them. If you dislike your current job, go out of your way to get a new one and invest in making it as fruitful and enjoyable as possible.

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