10 OctThis Man Moi

Moi represented everything that can and shall forever define power. He rose from the humble grazing fields in Sacho to be Main Man for 24 years.

Today would have been another holiday to celebrate the achievements of Nyayoism, but the 2010 constitution ensured that we never get to enjoy this.

Moi the Man

H.E. Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi

H.E. Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi

He ran the media, controlled the civil society, micro managed parliament, appointed and fired people over the 1pm news, his motorcade meant that traffic had to be stopped for almost an hour before he arrived, school children lined up the roads as he passed, at one time he ensured that he got air-force jets to escort his plane every time he was leaving the country or was flying back, appointed close cronies to powerful ministries, had almost his name in an institution in every sector, his regime would torture at will, he would rig in allies, he jailed confidants who dared walk out on him, he is a teetotaler, he love his kids, mystery remains about his divorce, very scanty information about his women, very strict about church, his love for education is legendary, he ensured the west dint lead us the South Sudan or Somalia Way, never invaded his allies, he hosted peace talks, never forgot his friends, never forgave his enemies and finally he stepped down after two terms in office in the post multi party era as had been agreed with no push for extension

Today i choose to celebrate this man and a great leader

long live Moi

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