27 SepAutomate but dont ignore Records managers

Why adopt the Automated Government model? This model does favour service delivery and common mwananchi but in most cases is hard to understand for the management and unfavourable to the cartels and the redundant staff.

“My Government will embark on automation of services to ensure citizens stop suffering”- oooo yeahhh, that’s a common line in the opening speeches by elected leaders in Kenya and by extension Africa.

For most leaders running for offices, the automation of government services provides them an edge in the campaigns.

Reducing the wage bill is a road very necessary but often taken by few.

For any Governor, automating the processes is not an event but a process that requires input from all stakeholders to succeed. In most the stakeholders are: senior staff, junior staff, mwananchi, statutory organizations, auditor general, controller of budget and least but most important the cartels.

Corrupted automated process is far much worse than the manual corrupted system.

My advice to the counties on the automation is guided by the notion that every project starts with needs analysis.

In most governments there exists a records management but one that’s purely procedural. In an ideal government, the records management department is key in process management, process auditing, records auditing, legal compliance, risk management and business continuity plan. With this in mind the records management is key to determination of how procedures are modeled, automation is done and eventually key to needs analysis and procurement of the right technology.

Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nyeri and Kiambu are leading in the race but without proper records management departments and poorly empowered staff in the said departments, this projects fail immediately they are started or at procurement.

In the absence of stable records management departments- processes remain obsolete, technology hard to implement, costly and easy to sabotage.

As Always i remain optimistic………………

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